The Algarve. A secure home for your investment.

There are many beautiful places to visit around the world, but there are very few that you feel you would like to call home. The Western Algarve is indisputably one.

Some years ago a television documentary was made which investigated the best opportunities for British and Northern European individuals looking to invest in second homes overseas. The study was carried out scientifically, by considering the positive and negative attributes of every conceivable location. Countries and regions were ruled in or out depending on their suitability, guaged by their overall 'score'. The parameters considered to be desirable were:

1. Warm climate, popular holiday destination

2. Politically stable, safe investment

3. Safe and welcoming community

4. Beautiful and unspoilt, but not hostile, natural environment

5. Direct flights from Northern European cities and a typical journey time of under 5hrs. 

6. Affordable and good value for money

7. Repeated and reliable rise in property values

When all considerations were taken into account The Algarve was voted the best worldwide location for second homes, for Northern European investors! The world has changed considerably during recent years and the Algarve now, more than ever, maintains this position. 

Click on the map for an overview of just how special the Algarve is!

Click on the map for an overview of just how special the Algarve is!

The Algarve is a welcoming land of beautiful scenery, spectacular beaches, wonderful weather and offers a host of diverse entertainment to those who seek it.

The climate and landscape have made it a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts.  From the youthful excesses of extreme sports to the manicured greens of some of the world's best golf courses, the Algarve has something for everyone.

Eating out is incredibly good value, there is vibrant nightlife for those who want it and peace and tranquility for calmer souls.