Stunning Signature Pools.


Reserva da Luz works exclusively with Pebblepools, a local company with 25 years experience who offer the very best in worldwide pool technology.

Included with each Vila is a 10 x 5 or equivalent pool and the owner can choose the style; classical, freeform or contempory, along with the interior finish and decorative details.

Options are also available for a host of features for those wishing to maximize their bathing experience or simply create an object of beauty as well as function.

Pebblepools will arrange a consultation to discuss your individual requirements and demonstrate the complete range of options:

Automated water treatment, heating, in-floor cleaning, automatic covers and LED lighting are just a few of the functional items which can be added to a conventional pool. Overflow spa’s, bubble seats, cascades, infinity edges and deck level features can be used to create a stunning visual effect and focal point for the property.