A beautiful home, for your money.


The last 6-7 years have been turbulent to say the least, in terms of worldwide financial stability.  Property values - always at the heart of economic growth - inevitably suffered to varying degrees during this period of recession. Some of the worst examples of negative equity certainly occured in the more reckless holiday destinations which were marketed aggresively in the first 5 years of the 21st century.

This, quite rightly, should lead investors to think more carefully about where to buy, even now as property begins to increase in value.

Reserva da Luz has several attributes which make it uniquely attractive as a very safe haven for your hard earned investment:

Track Record – Reserva da Luz has been operational since 2001 and has already developed 44 of its original 90 plots.  Of course all infrastructures are in place and the development is well and truly established so it is inevitable that the resort will sell out and be completely developed within the coming years. Our target is to have owners for every plot by 2020 and to have completed all construction by 2025.

 Private Ownership – The owner of the resort is a private individual of substantial net worth and is developing the site as much from a love of the region and location as for profit. There is no bank involved, no loans from the land purchase and therefore zero risk to investors.

Recession Proof Location - It is unlikely that there will be financial instability, to match that of recent years, within the foreseeable future and the economic crash was a terrible thing for many investors and property owners. However, as is always the case, some lessons and advantages can be learnt from the event.  Reserva da Luz came through the crisis unscathed, sales slowed down but property values suffered far less than others and the development maintained its reputation and atmosphere. Very few other resorts can make the same claim and this fact makes Reserva da Luz an even better prospect. No matter what the future holds your investment in Reserva da Luz will yield growth, the only question is how much? The answer to that question is ‘Almost certainly more than any other investment you might be considering!’